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 Syris' Application

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PostSubject: Syris' Application   Tue Nov 30, 2010 11:50 am

Name: Vincent Syris
Age: 20
Alias commonly used: Nibelheim
Years of experience being a moderator: 4 - 5.
Education: High school and some college

Any other information needed to be filled in? Feel free to contact me via MSN through:
I also have Ventrilo with a microphone, if you wish to speak to me.

I am currently a forum moderator for my old server Daemon's Ring, but I am listed as a Game Moderator. This does not affect my ability to play Flyff.
I am currently an in-game Moderator for CrisisX, a Runescape private server, on which I am thinking of retiring.
I am an ex-head game moderator for Fly For Hero. I worked under the name Syris.
I am also the ex-head administrator for the Forever Network, whom closed down due to server expenses.
I am an ex-game moderator for the Art of Revolution GunZ community, with forum moderator privileges.
I am an ex-head administrator for the Fly for Democracy server.
I am an ex-game moderator for the Daemon's Ring network. I also was a moderator for their Lineage II server for some time.
I am an ex-forum moderator and game moderator for the GameNao network's hosted games of GunZ: The Duel and Maplestory. I also hold previous experience in their Runescape server.

If you need proof of my previous employment, simply PM me and I shall send you the links and e-mails of my past workplaces and employers.

What does it mean to be a game moderator?: Upholding the rules set for the server and the rules set for the game moderator as well as the rest of the staff. Creating peace and happiness amongst the players by settling issues that otherwise couldn't be settled without action. Creating a fun environment for the players to participate in, and allow them the best playing experience that they can have. You do not make special exceptions for your friends, you do not bend the rules in any way for anyone, you are cold and strict when it comes to upholding your position. This position is only for those who are absolutely patient and professional, without losing your temper at little things and snapping at players, banning or muting for no reason. If you can uphold all of these by-laws, you know what it means to be a game moderator.

I have extensive gaming experience in most free to play MMORPGs.
I have played the following to the best of my knowledge:
(Please note that the following are the games, and then how long ago I started and played them for.)

Fly for Fun: Closed beta testing, ended in 2008 to seek private server careers.
My overall experience with the game itself has extended all the way back when I played Flyff at version 1, back when Lawolf only had two channels. I continued playing until the Mia server was released, and moved over to that server for another year or so. Finally, when Glaphan was released, I moved to this server and settled there to this day, and have long since retired from the original game, and have been working for private servers since I started working at GameNao's Flyff server.

I then continued my work over to Fly For Democracy, a low rated server that didn't really reach many votes or rankings, but still had a nice 500 player count, and was head administrator there for almost a year, until I retired due to the owner being completely incapable of establishing a proper anti-hack and hiring GMs based on their donations. I had finally grown too irritated to work under such unacceptable conditions, and branched off from this server with a few other guys who formed the "Forever Network" which hosted Fly Forever, a new Flyff server.

I started my time as a GM at Fly Forever for a month or so, and worked myself up to an administrator position, finally gaining back my old position as head administrator after another month or two. I soon helped the server reach about 1000 players before the server itself was cut off for budget problems, and that the owner was unable to continue paying for it. Ever since, I've been in search for another server to play.

I played Fly For Hero for about a week before being hired on as a trial game moderator, then continued on for about a week and a half before being established as a full game moderator. Another week and a half later, I was promoted to head game moderator, and I continued to work in that position for two days until I finally decided to resign from my position due to the too many indifferences and ideals that my boss and I shared.

Runescape: Classic anyone? Yes, I played classic, and still currently play amongst my free time.
I GMed for a short time at the GameNao Runescape server, but it was very short lived.

I started at CrisisX with a couple of friends from my previous workplace at Fly For Democracy, and after about two months of playing, the owner trialed me for Game Mod, which I successfully proved myself worthy of the position. I have been working there since, but have recently stopped working due to my illness, and have thought of retiring to a less stressful life back into Flyff.

Maplestory: 2004? Not quite sure when I began this game, but when I started, there were only three or four channels to my knowledge.
I GMed mainly for GameNao's Maplestory server for over a year and a half, before retiring to go to work for Daemon's Ring's Gunz server.

I currently play NidoMS, but have no special position. I've been playing for three weeks now.

GunZ: The Duel: Played this since International GunZ, the first there was. Got to level 30, and retired until ijji re-released this game on their site. I then entered into the LG GunZ server, and soon left after the frequent hack attempts, and settled root at the Daemon's Ring network.
At Daemon's Ring, I became a GM for over two years, and became well liked and respected amongst the community. To this day, I still use their forums long after retirement, and people still respect me as if I were staff.

Adventure Quest: Yes, I played this since it first came out. However, I did not become a guardian. I was too much of a cheapskate back then. I have played their other adaptations and continuations of this MMO, including Dragon Fable, and AQ Worlds.

Requiem: Don't remember, just know that this game was lame.

2Moons: Played this for a few months, enjoyed the gore, but wasn't the right game for me.

Conquer Online: Played this, but soon left after the game became too heavily dependent on your purchase of special items with real world money.

Tales of Pirates: Same reason listed for Conquer.

Wonderkings: Played this, total rip of Maplestory. Quit and uninstalled within minutes.

Fiesta: Played this, didn't get into it due to the fact that I had no friends to play with. Unfortunately, this is the main reason I retired from MOST games I have played, even ones I don't remember.
Dream of Mirror, Mabinogi, and numerous other games that I can't be bothered to list.

There isn't much more to add to this, so I'm closing out now. I thank you kindly for reading what I've written so far, and I apologize for the disorganization and messy look of my resume. It is still under construction, and I'm not one to go all out and make things pretty. I'm that "down to business" type of guy.

Thank you for reading, and I appreciate any consideration you might have of allowing me to work here. I am dedicated to what I do, and I do work hard.

- Vincent

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Syris' Application
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