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 Can't create character game crashes

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PostSubject: Can't create character game crashes   Thu Dec 16, 2010 9:40 pm

Hello all, I have an issue, it is just as the topic says, i log in, and when i hit Create on the char selection screen it just freezes before crashing abruptly, I have tried a re-install, and I am really at a lost as to what to do to fix this, can anyone help me ^^?

This is what is in my error file:

2010/12/16  21:39:02  2 part_femalehair01.o3d Object3D ¹öÅؽº ¹öÆÛ »ý¼º ½ÇÆÐ(D3DERR_INVALIDCALL) : m_nMaxVB=111, nVertexSize=44, dwFVF=4378, dwUsage=24, pool=1 0017c400

2010/12/16  21:39:06  Feb 22 2010 05:50:57 1 rCnt=1

Neuz.exe caused an EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION in module Neuz.exe at 001B:006235FA

 - Registers

EAX=00000000  EBX=00000000  ECX=00000000  EDX=0017C400  ESI=00401296
EDI=0012FE5C  EBP=0012AA64  ESP=0012AA34  EIP=006235FA  FLG=00010246
CS=001B  DS=0023  SS=0023  ES=0023  FS=003B  GS=0000

001B:006235FA Neuz.exe
001B:00623201 Neuz.exe
001B:0061C6C2 Neuz.exe
001B:005CF77F Neuz.exe
001B:004433D4 Neuz.exe
001B:004430E0 Neuz.exe
001B:00419781 Neuz.exe
001B:0057104D Neuz.exe
001B:00443433 Neuz.exe
001B:0055C94E Neuz.exe
001B:0055D044 Neuz.exe
001B:0055CB87 Neuz.exe
001B:00441F06 Neuz.exe
001B:00421C7D Neuz.exe
001B:0041C1B9 Neuz.exe
001B:00421F22 Neuz.exe
001B:0041B6CF Neuz.exe
001B:0041B78E Neuz.exe
001B:0041B78E Neuz.exe
001B:0041B0C4 Neuz.exe
001B:0075BC95 Neuz.exe
001B:004012BA Neuz.exe
001B:7E418734 USER32.dll, GetDC()+0093 byte(s)
001B:7E418816 USER32.dll, GetDC()+0319 byte(s)
001B:7E4189CD USER32.dll, GetWindowLongW()+0279 byte(s)
001B:7E4196C7 USER32.dll, MsgWaitForMultipleObjects()+0046 byte(s)
001B:0040359C Neuz.exe
001B:0075F861 Neuz.exe
001B:008B0743 Neuz.exe
001B:7C817077 kernel32.dll, RegisterWaitForInputIdle()+0153 byte(s)

Also there is no error code in game or after it crashes or anything so a screenshot is pointless
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Can't create character game crashes
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